What to expect.....



The initial process when working with Willbanks Kitchens is two-fold. First, we ask our customers to visit our showroom so they can get a sense of who we are and what services we can offer. By asking questions we can guide the customer to find out what cabinets appeal to them and which do not. This helps us price out the project. 

Second, we make an appointment to visit the customer's home, we take extensive measurements so our drawings will be accurate. This process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the complexity of the job.

Having gathered the necessary information from the two visits, our designers can now put together an accurate design and price estimate, usually within 48 hours. Once the drawing and pricing is ready, the designer will call to set up an appointment for the customer to return to the showroom. The designer will then show the design to the customer on the computer, using 3-D software that allows the customer to see the design from many angles and viewpoints. Small revisions to both the drawings or the estimate can be made to show various options. 

Willbanks does not charge for the visit to the customer's home or for the drawings - we want to earn your business.

After the review of the cabinets takes place, the customer can have Willbanks send the drawings to our recommended contractors to get bids for the labor. All our recommended contractors are licensed and bonded. Willbanks strongly recommends using one of them unless the customer's own contractor can provide the specific, qualified labor needed

Once the final revisions and price are settled on, the process can move forward with a deposit to order the cabinets. The customer is updated with any factory information (i.e. ship dates) after the order is placed. The remaining balance is due at or just before the time of delivery.

Finally, Willbanks will coordinate with the contractor regarding the delivery dates, with any revisions to the drawings and other information they need to do the job.